Crush Covid-19 Tour days 12-15 Rural Ride Resignation and Acceptance

Days 12 and 13 After a day of training at the Rural King store in Litchfield, IL and multiple meetings at the corporate HQ in Mattoon, Il, our host took us for a ride in Charleston, IL. We met at Bike and Hike in Charleston https://bikeandhikeweb.com/. Brendan came back home to the Midwest after attending law [...]

Crush Covid-19 Tour days 8-11 On the Road Again!

Day 8: Talk about a Sunday drive. Remember those? I took off from Parker, Colorado, at 6 am drove east on I-70 for 10.5 hours to see Erik’s Bikes and Boards in Overland Park, KA. https://www.eriksbikeshop.com/ Got there just before they closed and there was a healthy line. I waited my turn, but instead of taking [...]

Crush Covid-19 Tour days 5-7

Day Five: took a picturesque drive from Boulder to Arvada. If you haven’t had a chance to see Colorado, the towns in the front range are magically gorgeous. There I met two of the owners of The Bicycle Shack. www.thebicycleshackllc.com Paul and Brian were all smiles when I told them I was in the first week [...]

Crush Covid-19 tour first 4 days

Day One: What a start to my 6,200 mile tour. Drove 350 miles up to Chico, CA on Sunday the 31st. Got a great evening ride in up to the south rim overlooking the buttes. I only took a video which I’ll post up on You Tube as soon as I can. Day Two: On Monday [...]

Road Trip! The Crush Covid-19 Tour “Learning from Retailers” Daily Blog

Our team of 5 trainers was in the middle of a roll-out at Rural King www.ruralking.com that began on March 1st, but instead of visiting 120 stores, we halted our visits at 54 on March 13th. COVID-19 was getting legs and in respect to our clients and in honor of shelter in place, (SIP) orders, our [...]

Rejection Reality Removes Fear—Warranty Wise

Do you have employees that are afraid to sell because they fear rejection? Try making these points with them. • What is the success rate of the best hitter in baseball? About 30%! What is the failure rate? About 70%. They can not hit if they do not swing, so they keep stepping in the box [...]

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