How Covid brought back Aesop

Tesla goes 0-60 in what? Fast enough to beat a Gulfstream down a runway? Xfinity lets you download a movie how fast? “Stupid fast” if I remember right. “I feel the need for speed” was a favorite line that came from a “Top Gun” in training. Fast chips. Fast food. Why is speed so revered? Laying [...]

Some Thoughts about Offering Service and Maintenance Agreements featured at the NBDA

Agreements Brought to you by Frank McMillan, founder of Ensure Protect, developer of R.I.D.E.S, (Ride it Daily Extended Service), fellow rider and 45 year vet of the service contract industry. Here he is on a training ride near Emerald Bay in Tahoe Whether your customers are avid road, mountain riders, casual city cruisers, gravel riders or [...]

Chloe and Paula Go Places Cross Country Bike Trip—R.I.D.E.S along for the ride.

Recently, Johnny Velo Bikes in Columbus, Ohio, met a young lady who wanted to ride across country. I've been happily reminded why I am in this business, that bike riders are the best, Independent Bike Dealers are super helpful, and R.I.D.E.S gives a national presence for local dealers for both sales and service. She and her [...]

Crush Covid-19 Tour days 26 to 32 Mountain Memorial Masks Minimal

Day 26 Left Deadwood and made the “detour” to the Mt Rushmore Memorial in the Black Hills, (stunningly gorgeous) on my way to Wyoming to see Larsen’s. I was amazed how many people were there on a Thursday morning, but even more amazed at how few of those visitors were wearing masks. What is the statement [...]

Crush Covid-19 Tour days 20-25 Black Lives Matter Pizza, Brats, Harleys

Day 20 I stopped by C&C sports in Brighton to thank the young man for the advice on the trail ride. I got there before the store opened and they were nice enough to open the door for a brief discussion about R.I.D.E.S. As I have seen in most stores on this trip they were busy [...]

Crush Covid-19 Tour Days 16-20 Michigan to Indiana to Michigan

Days 16-20 Start you out with a couple of shots from my ride at Brighton State Park. I met three guys on mountain bikes in the Thai food parking lot and they recommended that I head here. Did not disappoint. The trail shot is from “Torn Shirt” trail. Flowy and fast rollers. Yeee hahhh! I feel [...]

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