Recently, Johnny Velo Bikes in Columbus, Ohio, met a young lady who wanted to ride across country. I’ve been happily reminded why I am in this business, that bike riders are the best, Independent Bike Dealers are super helpful, and R.I.D.E.S gives a national presence for local dealers for both sales and service.

She and her friend Paula are now on a bicycle trek from Oregon across country. On her way to Oregon while in Camas Washington, her bike came disconnected from the bike rack and broke a fender post. Her father called me and we were able to help her find a place for a quick repair.

Once she finally got to Astoria she was on her way to Eugene before her big climb up to Bend along the McKenzie River when she noticed her shifter cable coming loose. She called the R.I.D.E.S number on a Sunday morning. We used our service center mapping and found an NBDA dealer nearby, and got ahold of Buck at Arriving By Bike. He answered before the store opened. We introduced ourselves, explained Chloe’s issue, offered our credit card, and he agreed to take care of her. She rode the ten miles to his store and he had her in and out in no time. Super cool. Back on the saddle to start the 4,000 foot climb! I think Chloe is glad to have RIDES in her pocket should she run into any malfunctions or service needs along the way. John and I have been in touch and with her. He gave her the basics about maintenance ahead of the trip, and suggested R.I.D.E.S as well. Chloe and her friend are awesome.

You can contact us at 1 866 4 RIIDES or

Here is her first post and a link to her site if you want to “chip in” for a little ice cream.

Week One Trans America Trail: Astoria, OR to Koosah Falls, OR

And off we go! We just concluded week one of our Transamerica trip. So far, our two wheels have taken us from Astoria, OR to Koosah Falls, OR — a total of 354 miles! That puts us 8.4 % through. This first week has put us through a lot. We enjoyed beautiful views of the Pacific as we rode on the Oregon Coast Scenic Byway. Seeing the clouds and the shore from so high up felt like we were on top of the world. The first two days went very smoothly, but on the third, some “Road work ahead” made our day work… not so well. About 15 miles into our day from Cloverdale, OR to Rickreall, OR a bridge was closed and we were absolutely refused from crossing. This refusal was going to make our day 98 miles, but luckily, a bus running to Rickreall saved us from overexerting and ruining future days in our schedule. The next day was much better — we got to stop by a delicious blueberry farm, stayed at a Hazelnut farm we found on “Hipcamp” and everything went very smoothly! Since then, despite a minor issue with the cable housing wires coming out from my bike — an issue easily and quickly fixed by Arriving By Bike in Eugene, OR thanks to our amazing bike plan program ‘RIDES’ — the week has finished off quite smoothly! The longer we continue on our journey, the clearer it is that this is an adventure we never will forget. The beauty has been astounding, the people so friendly, and the laughs we’ve shared together will keep our spirits high for years to come.

A funny moment of the week: While in Harrisburg, OR, I – Chloe – got confused with navigation and while looking at my phone, ran straight into a barrel that was a barricade to a restaurant’s outdoor patio. A big one! It was very embarrassing, especially when the owners ran out to see if all was OK. My bike and I were, but the poor barrel was lain sideways and my pride was not.

What we’ve learned: This first week, we’ve learned some already pretty valuable things. First of all, most logger trucks — even with a full load — will go right next to you, honk very loudly, and speed up as they pass you. It’s scary when it happens, but we’ve learned to expect it from all loggers and to be happily surprised if it doesn’t happen! Another sad realization was that Prineville did not like bikes. There were multiple times when we were flipped off, yelled at to “get off the road” and had to deal with trucks blowing exhaust in our faces. On a lighter note, another learning point was about planning and flexibility. Especially after the construction zone, we realized that not every day will follow our schedule and that you just gotta roll with the punches and laugh about it — after solving the issue and treating ourselves to ice cream, of course 😉

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