Happy New Year from Ensure Protect
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2023 is starting off with some travel. CES in Las Vegas this week to discuss our Connected Device Program and meet with current and potential partners sharing our thoughts about how to serve the IOT market consumers. Then we are off to CABDA in Ontario next week to meet with bike dealers about R.I.D.E.S, and then back to Vegas for NHS to meet with Farm and Fleet and other Power Equipment Dealers to share our thoughts about why using Ensure Protect as an Independent Third-Party Administrator has such huge advantages over working with administrators owned by insurance companies.

When large Retailers work with Ensure Protect to help them form and manage well-structured Captives and/or Reinsurance, they control their reserves and restore the ability to say yes to their customers while generating tremendous income from both the sales and the service parts of their businesses.

In this blog post I’ll focus on R.I.D.E.S. It is an honor to continue to be endorsed by the NBDA for R.I.D.E.S, (Ride it Daily Extended Service) and be engaged with so many Independent Bike Dealers. The IBD’s over the last 3 years have played such an important role in their communities. When Covid was shutting everything down they continued to serve their customers as truly essential businesses. They always have been. This is just one of the reasons we love being involved in this business.

Please have a listen to the NBDA Podcast. It is very inspiring, not just because I am on it, but because it reminds us to step back for a moment and take a little time to think about what we can do personally and in our businesses in the New Year.

The President of the NBDA, Heather Mason and her associate Rachelle Shouten were nice enough to include me on their opening podcast for 2023.

Open Apple Podcasts or Spotify and take a listen to Nosh Episode #7. The Nosh is a monthly feature highlighting NBDA President Heather Mason and Development Director Rachelle Schouten discussing life, work, relationships, and their take on the latest industry news. Nosh #7 features 5 resolutions for the bicycle retailer, a reflection back on 2022 NBDA programming, and a look into 2023. In this episode they are joined by an industry veteran and visionary in leading real-time service contracts and insurance consulting- Frank McMillian, Founder of Ensure Protect and developer of R.I.D.E.S. (Ride it Daily Extended Service).