Please fill out our partnership form and we will follow up, ask a few questions and Ensure that you are hooked up with our agent partner. Educational quotes generally have many considerations such as as: are the devices staying at the school/office or going home/traveling, and are they protected by a case. Just these two questions can have an impact on the coverage and pricing, not to mention the level of technical assistance your entity may require.

That depends on if we already have the program in place, or if we need to develop it for you.  It also depends on your location and the states in which you operate and ship.  Generally 30 to 90 days is a good range depending on how much work needs to be done such as defining what you  actually want to offer.  Ask yourself, “would I recommend this to my mother?”  That is a guideline that will Ensure excellence.  Contact us.

Most of our customers will have a toll free # to contact, or a form to fill out requesting service.  When we answer the call, we will ask a few questions to make sure we are associating you to the covered product, will ask about what is wrong with it, and we will attempt to solve your issue immediately.  If we can not we will either direct you back to your place of purchase for replacement, refer you to a local service center, dispatch a technician, have your device picked up or arrange for a replacement product or funds to be sent to you.  Our job is to Ensure that you have as great of an experience as you can have when your product no longer delivers the benefits you expect.  It really comes down to what type of coverage you have purchased.  Contact us

We think this is where the rubber meets the road.  The world is changing…new product needs.  Look at some of our first products…Surfboards, Mobile Power Stations and Bikes.   Even tweaking coverage parameters for digital devices due to the 1:1 requirements in schools.   The way that we use and change consumer products, get medical coverage, control our homes and offices, communicate, you name it, is ongoing and is getting more complex by the minute.   Ensure Protect loves to take on new and healthy products that are changing the world.   Let us change yours.   Contact us.

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