In our continuing love affair with everything about bicycles and the IBD’s (Independent Bike Dealers), Frank and Jody from Ensure Protect will join a mix of suppliers and NBDA members at the upcoming Retailer Summit and Bentonville Bike Fest.

Since 2019 R.I.D.E.S (Ride It Daily Extended Service) has been offered by some of the top IBD’s in the country.   Come to the Summit, or noodle around the NBDA website or our website to find out why.  Suffice it to say that we built R.I.D.E.S because when products break or fail, so can the customer relationship with the brand or the store. We get it. Let us Ensure your success.

Hope to see you there.

NBDA Retailer Summit 2024

Bentonville Bike Fest :: Celebration of the Bentonville bike culture

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