Days 16-20

Start you out with a couple of shots from my ride at Brighton State Park. I met three guys on mountain bikes in the Thai food parking lot and they recommended that I head here. Did not disappoint. The trail shot is from “Torn Shirt” trail. Flowy and fast rollers. Yeee hahhh! I feel great all day when I get out for a morning ride. These guys were out riding the streets in prep for a meeting with their local city council to give bikers more street access. I recommended they also contact People for Bikes and the BPSA to help. We discussed the industry, R.I.D.E.S. Turns out one of them worked at the local bike shop. Bonus.

This week was totally focused on full day visits “roll-out’, at the final D-3 Rural King stores. These ginormous stores, (Elf) really do have everything for the Rural Communities. It is gratifying to see the associates absorb the value of the Rural King PPP and the opportunity to not only generate extra revenues for their stores and themselves, but to also tie the customer to their stores for 2 to 4 years. Customer retention is so important. The companies that focus on customer retention are destined to win.

I will make a quick observation about the Covid-19 reality. Namely from Michigan to Indiana. I see customers in Michigan mostly wearing masks when they are in public. In Indiana I saw very few. I could have guessed that would be true based upon where the VP is from, but I am still amazed that people choose to put others at risk because they do not want to do something as simple as wear a mask. It’s just not that hard.

As I’ve finished up my RK visits on this trip I’ll begin to head back west and resume visiting Bike Dealers beginning with one here in Brighton. My weekend will take me into the Chicagoland area to see 6 dealers there and then up to Milwaukee to visit Wheels and Sprockets.

I’ll check back in a few days. In the interim, enjoy the Rascals. “A beautiful morning”. Brighton is gorgeous. I hope you too can “get outside for a while, and smile”.

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See you out there.