Our team of 5 trainers was in the middle of a roll-out at Rural King www.ruralking.com that began on March 1st, but instead of visiting 120 stores, we halted our visits at 54 on March 13th. COVID-19 was getting legs and in respect to our clients and in honor of shelter in place, (SIP) orders, our team has been working from their home offices.

As the SIP’s begin to ease we are heading back out. I am personally going to hit the road for about 4.5 weeks. I’ll leave Northern California on Sunday the 31st. During the 6,250 mile trip I will see 27 Independent Bike Dealers, (IBD’s) and 11 Rural King stores in 14 States. Germaine will resume visits in Florida and Cris will be heading into Ohio, and if OK, Pennsylvania and WV. We will only go where we are welcome and allowed.

I’m bringing 75 masks, 150 gloves, disinfecting hand wipes, and will be focused on maintaining safe distancing and be fully cognizant of the wishes of people I will visit and will work within their comfort zones.

There is no political statement about our actions. Our intentions are to serve our customers, and to discover what everyone has learned during the last 4 months. What are they doing to excel? What has enabled them to move forward? Some have had record sales months, but now the available inventory is challenged do to supply chain issues. Will the service side of their business sustain them while the inventory is in short supply? Their ability to operate has not been easy for numerous reasons, some of whom had to deal with whether or not they were considered an essential business.

Do we want to sign more dealers? Of course. We will promote R.I.D.E.S., (Ride It Daily Extended Service) and why it benefits the IBD’s sales and service sides.

I hope you can join me on the tour. I’ll be sure to post all of my stops and the information I learn along the way with the National Bicycle Dealer Association, https://www.nbda.com/ members.

Planning some epic rides in while I’m out there. I’ll have my road bike and my mountain bike. If anyone wants to join us for a ride, we will be doing an off-road ride in the Rockies above Denver, CO on the 6th and a rural road ride on the 13th in Mattoon, IL. As I leave California on the 1st, I hope to add some rides in SLC Utah, near Lake St Louis in Missouri. As I leave Illinois and head up North, I’ll get into Wisconsin, South Dakota, Wyoming, Washington and one of my favorite places Bend, Oregon. Then to Tahoe in the Sierra for may annual birthday ride just before I get back here to San Jose and our beloved redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains. If you want to talk about my trip, make an appointment, or want to meet up for a ride, give me a call or send me an email!

Crush Covid-19!

I look forward to embarking on Sunday and posting up when I can.

In the mean time enjoy this song from Edgar Winter. After all, during an epic road trip there is no doubt that “The Mountains are High and the Valleys are Low”.

See you out there!


You can reach us at 844 WARRNTY or 844 927 7689 or info@ensureprotect.com