Do you have employees that are afraid to sell because they fear rejection? Try making these points with them.

• What is the success rate of the best hitter in baseball? About 30%! What is the failure rate? About 70%. They can not hit if they do not swing, so they keep stepping in the box and taking their hacks. Just think, pro ball players have been at it their entire lives and they still have challenges. They understand that it is impossible to hit without swinging and they enjoy the challenge. It makes success all the more satisfying when they do spank a hit to the opposite field. Same as sales….there is never 100% success rate. Each customer is like a new pitch. The key is to prepare so you give your employees the best shot at connecting, and when you do, enjoy it!
• Who is your favorite sports figure? How did they become successful? By practicing. How well do you know your scripts, your product, your service?
• Who is your favorite actor? How many times did they have to try before they got the part? Did they stop because of this intensely personal rejection? No. They go back to practicing their scripts to make them their own. Selling is not often personal rejection, but rejection of your product or service. Taking rejection with a grain of salt.
• 20, 30, 50 Rule—-how many qualifying product opportunities do you attach ESP to? If you were guaranteed that 20% of all people who received your offer purchased an ESP would you be willing to hear “no” 80% of the time. The good news is that is the max you will hear no. You have a shot at hearing “yes” 79% of the time.
• Practice something to memorize, learn and utilize it until it becomes part of you. Practice and Prep Powers Pros
• Can you tell who will purchase an ESP or your product or service just by looking at them? No. Put yourself in position to be rejected. If you do not offer, you can not get the sales. Just like a batter can not get a hit unless he swings. It’s part of sales. Practice and Prep will alleviate rejection.
• I hope Tom doesn’t mind but this is a great ditty to learn.

Tom Hopkin’s “Champions Creed” I am not judged by the number of times I fail, but by the number of times I succeed, and the number of times I succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times I can fail, but keep on trying

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