One of the most common questions we are asked when we do training is “what do we say when a customer asks, ‘how long does a customer have to buy an extended service plan if they don’t buy it at the time of sale”?

Our answer is always this: “so you want to think about it or talk to your wife, (sometimes that’s a a good idea—just ask Aretha)? No problem. I can give you up to 30 days to add it, but we know that once people leave the store, the next time they think about their warranty is when their bike breaks, and if they want to invest in it after the bike breaks then that is pre-existing and we can’t allow you to buy it then”.

That’s why we recommend that you add R.I.D.E.S. now and we will give you until the end of the manufacturer warranty to decide if you want it or not—this way you will be covered if something does happen up until if and when you cancel which is certainly a much longer time than 30 days, and a better way to think about it; having coverage while you consider—wouldn’t you agree?”

This completely removes this objection.

Keep in mind, that a customer is not going to buy something they don’t want and often they ask the “how much time do I have to think about it” as a nice way to say, “I’m not really interested” so be aware that this may be an indication that the pitch or presentation either wasn’t convincing or maybe they just don’t by service contracts. I am of the mind that no means no. It doesn’t always translate to needing to know more, but if they really do want to know how long they have to decide for whatever reason, this is the right answer.

Watch this clip from the Blue Brothers as a reminder or just for fun and a little soul!

Good luck and good selling.

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