I am riding a lot more during Covid “shelter in Place”. What a weird period. No Planes. No travel. Each day has been gorgeous out here in Northern California. Fun and Phenomenal. I feel spoiled.

Why am I talking about Riding in an ESP article you ask? Here it is: ESP is like Riding. What you say? Has the warranty dude’s mind hit too many jumps or inclines? No. Here is how they relate:

• You have to learn the basics. You have to be willing and coachable. You have to seek the best way to become good at it because the better you are, the more you enjoy it.
• You have to practice. Just watching and hearing will not make you a pro. You have to actually make mistakes, learn from them. You get to enjoy the successes and continue to apply what worked.
• You have to have the right equipment for riding. Different conditions require different styles of bikes. In ESP you have to have the right tools, and in most cases, those are visual aids and scripts of many sorts.
• Different terrain requires a different approach. You have to change it up a little. Different customers require a different approach too.
• Be aware of your surroundings and others on the trails and the roads. They change and you can get hurt if you do not have your eyes open. In ESP, there will be changing objections and others around that will try to ruin your mojo. You are in control of your mojo as long as you pay attention.

Sometimes I just want to ride my bicycle like Queen

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